The Reason For My Existence

This is Lynn and Adam oh and me!!

Lynn and I met when we were 12 in our city of birth, the beautiful Cape Town and we have been best friends ever since.

I moved to the UK in 2001, we got married in South Africa in 2004 and she joined me in the UK shortly after getting married.

We were gifted Adam in 2009 and he has been and continues to be the life of our little family and also our extended family since birth, keeping us entertained with his cheekiness, dancing, whit and sense of humor….still trying to figure out where he actually gets this all from!

Lynn works in the Oil and Gas industry and we accepted our first assignment to Luanda, Angola in 2011 for what was meant to be a 3 year assignment and we ended up staying almost 5 years!

We are now living in Budapest, Hungary for what is meant to be a 2 year assignment, but who knows…

Lynn and Adam are the reasons I started training for Triathlons in the first place…they are the greatest motivational tools any human being could ever wish for…they make my life complete!

Like every husband and father, I wish that I can make my family proud and not embarrass ┬áthem too much by constantly finishing just before the cut-off…

p.s. I also wish I can keep them well fed, ensure all washing and ironing is done, house is clean, homework completed and be ready to open a bottle of red wine and be a shoulder to lean on for my wife….I almost forgot that I am actually a Stay at Home Dad and that training is meant to come second…